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Tabloo is a visitor and meeting centre about radioactivity and radioactive waste.

Tabloo is located next to the disposal facility for radioactive waste in Dessel, in the Antwerp Kempen region.

Meet radioactivity in Tabloo

Tabloo takes you on a voyage of discovery through an invisible world. From the furthest corner of the cosmos to our own bodies: radioactivity is everywhere. We use radioactivity in many applications. But what exactly is radioactivity? What is it used for and what happens to the radioactive waste it produces? What happens to the radioactive waste in Belgium?

In the exhibition, we do everything in our power to guide you through the world of radioactivity. From breathtaking images of the Big Bang and the creation of radioactivity, to an audio-visual spectacle that shows the path of the waste in a mechanism that is always in motion, or a virtual lift that makes a stunning journey to an underground lab and a debate with different voices... You are guaranteed to go home with a clear understanding of a complex theme.

The Tabloo building is adjacent to the site of a future disposal facility for radioactive waste, which will be built in a few years’ time. A walk to the disposal site completes your visit.

Meet each other in Tabloo

Tabloo is also a place where people come together. A place for encounters between young and old, neighbours and tourists, outsiders and insiders, opposites and like-minded people. Discover how artists look at radioactive waste. Enjoy a presentation or a performance in the auditorium. Catch a debate or relax in the bistro while the children romp in the park.

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Tabloo is an initiative of ONDRAF / NIRAS and the partnerships STORA and MONA
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